University Students Reading Group


This week the English department started an exciting new partnership with Schools+, a Cambridge University organisation set up to offer help in the Cambridgeshire community.

On Monday afternoon, a team of 10 volunteer students arrived at NCA to embark on a 10 week, one to one reading programme with our year 8 pupils, to help them tackle challenging yet engaging literature that will undoubtedly improve their overall comprehension and enjoyment of reading.

After brief introductions, pupils and volunteers got straight into their reading with most pupils responding positively to this valuable focus. Many of the children went away happy and eager to return the following Monday, and it was a pleasure to hear the positive comments and praise from the University students who had clearly secured the pupils’ confidence and thoroughly enjoyed their experiences at NCA.

One to one reading is an incredible way for children to progress with their reading. We are very lucky to have this partnership and, in the English department, we look forward to seeing how the project grows, as we are sure you do too.