The Tuck Inn


The Tuck Inn” originated from a challenge set by Mr Campbell at the end of the last academic year.

The challenge was for a group of students to come together to start a business venture in the school and for the school.

The student volunteers would have to come up with a business plan and present it to Mr Campbell to convince him to invest in their business idea.

Through the session 6 application process, 7 students volunteered to take on this task with 3 main aims:

1/ to experience setting up and running a business – An invaluable learning experience. To enhance their entrepreneurial skills; be creative and be part of a team working towards a common goal. Where else would you get the opportunity to take real risks in a real business context, with real money… and not personally go bankrupt if it all goes wrong?

2/ provide a service to the students – To provide the students (& staff) with refreshments and at a lower cost than any of the local competitors.

3/ to raise money for the 3 house charities – To benefit the charities so that students can not only feel they are getting a good deal but that they themselves are supporting their own house charity.

4/ promote healthy eating – ensure that while providing students with refreshments, healthier options are also promoted to encourage a healthier lifestyle. (e.g. the recent free apple promotion)

 Through the enterprise, the students of ‘The Tuck Inn’ hope to help create and foster a ‘can do’ approach to learning and to embrace the opportunity to be responsible and accountable for the success of their own business venture. They hope to show that through hard work and determination, students themselves can contribute to improving student facilities and services instead of waiting for someone else to do it!

Attached below is further information and posters created by the Tuck Inn ‘Staff’