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North Cambridge Academy has had another positive year and we are delighted with the rise in the Progress 8 figure (0.21 increase). Equally we were pleased to see that at North Cambridge Academy we add value to higher ability, middle ability and  low ability pupils. This was achieved through the hard work of the pupils and staff and rapid increases in attainment in Mathematics, Science and history. Well done to all those who worked hard to achieve their potential.

For full details of the increases across a number of different subjects, here is the link from GOV.UK’s Compare Schools page from 2016 to 2017:

Please see below the unvalidated data as issued in October 2017:

Progress 80.090.25
Attainment 84.845.40
4+ in English and Mathematics59%58%
5+ in English and MathematicsN/A36%
% of pupils entered for Ebacc11%21.8%
% of pupils who achieved the Ebacc13%15%
% of students staying in education and employment after key stage 484%84%



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