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Student Emotional Wellbeing

Emotional Wellbeing

We work with young people, their families and professionals to support positive wellbeing so that people are able to feel safe discussing problems.

The aim is for everyone to achieve their potential.

Having a better understanding of how to increase the likelihood of happiness with life, and how to channel the emotional pains of set-backs en route, are the sort of skills that can substantially improve an individual’s progress.

Becoming involved in challenging and absorbing activities is important to people’s ability to cope better with life. We offer a broad curriculum and the Pledge system to help students engage with the wider world.

Wellbeing involves:

Physical Health: staying active and looking after our bodies

Positive Relationships: communicating in a positive way with everyone around us

Perspective: thinking skills that enable us to overcome adversity

Engagement: ways of staying engaged in the things we choose to do, and the things we have to do

Sense of purpose: ambition and hope

The main contacts in school are:

Family Liaison Officer – Jan Collings

Student Support Assistant – Fitzwilliam & Churchill.

Referrals can then be made to the wider team including the School Nursing Service and locality staff.

Services that you might find helpful are: national support service open 24 hours a day national support line for young people to contact about any concerns, open 24 hours a day parenting and family support, open 24 hours a day for prevention of young suicide wide range of advice on improving emotional wellbeing Royal college of Psychiatrists for advice and leaflets National Self Harm Network, providing advice to young people and families for young people who self harm Cambridgeshire site for parents and carers for obtaining advice on a whole range of issues advice around eating disorders advice for young people in Cambridgeshire on a whole range of issues