Random act of kindness

A Random Act of Kindness (RAK) is something we all do on a daily basis, it shows we care about others, the environment and the community we all live in.  RAK happen all the time and vary from helping someone who has fallen over to picking up rubbish around the school to reporting that someone feels threatened or picked on.  RAK incidents can be in school or out of school and they can be to an individual or to a group.  


A RAK is a conscious effort on one person’s behalf to do something helpful, supportive or useful towards another person.  It is about one person making a small difference to another and this includes adults and pupils and involves the whole school community. 


On a daily basis the pupils and staff of this school carry out many RAK towards others and these web pages enable a person who sees this to record just a few of these acts.  These pages are a place to nominate pupils and staff you see carrying out RAK. 

 Thank you to those who nominate others and to the time you have taken in recognising the RAK. 

 To nominate someone for a RAK please click on the picture below or here –> RAK nominations


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