First Pupils achieve their Gold Pledges

Two high-flying pupils from North Cambridge Academy have become the first to achieve a Gold Pledges accolade in less than 18 months since the academy officially opened.

Fleur Smith and Emma Clark, both in Year 11, took part in a number of activities to achieve their Gold Pledges. These included visits to France and Belgium, raising money for charity through whole-school and individual events, assisting the school at parent’s evenings and other events and participating in a community environmental project.

Speaking of the achievement, Emma Clark said: “It’s so great to see that all my hard work has paid off. I have enjoyed working towards my Pledge and I’m excited to continue to challenge myself further and try for another.” Fleur Smith added: “The Gold Pledge means a lot, and it’s really driven me to get involved in projects I otherwise might not have.”

Since opening, the academy has developed and invested in a simple but broad set of Pledges that pupils are expected to complete during their time at the school, at Bronze, Silver and Gold levels. Pupils can choose to complete their Pledges in one of seven categories, ranging from Leadership Pledges to International Pledges, and must complete activities in their own time in order to achieve them.

The Pledges form part of the academy’s parallel curriculum – a system that is designed to develop the whole child and complement the academic courses. Similar to the Duke of Edinburgh scheme it helps pupils develop character and responsibility that can be taken into their adult life.

Sarah Letherby, Pledges Leader at North Cambridge Academy said “The scheme has really encouraged pupil involvement, giving the pupils an easy way to give back to the school and their communities. It has shown pupils that there are wider responsibilities and opportunities for them to make the most of whilst at the academy.

“We’re really proud of the girls and their achievement. We look forward to seeing more students follow in their footsteps and achieve their Gold Pledge soon.”

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