NCA Pupils shoot films about Cambridge University’s museums

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Pupils in Cambridge have turned into movie makers – to train the spotlight on Cambridge University’s world-famous museums.

Youngsters from North Cambridge Academy have joined forces with experts from the University of Cambridge Museums organisation, and professional film-makers, animators and education staff from the Cambridgeshire Film Consortium, to produce films about the UCM.

They have focussed on three of the biggest ones – The Polar Museum, the Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology and the Fitzwilliam Museum.

The results were screened earlier this week to an audience of families and museum staff at the Cambridge Arts Picturehouse.

They were joined by the film-makers, and representatives from the University of Cambridge Museums and the University of Cambridge Admissions Office.

Trish Sheil, film education manager for the consortium, said the aim of the movies was to encourage other young people to visit the museums and be inspired by “the wonderful collections” they hold.

She said: “This has been an incredibly rich experience for the young ambassadors from the academy. Led by film professionals, they have developed excellent film production and animation skills to produce three highly imaginative short films about the museums.

“The opportunity to watch these films on an industry-level cinema screen will also help to achieve their goal of inspiring their peers to visit the museums, as well as raising their confidence as young film-makers.”

Later in the term the pupils will present the films to other schools in Cambridge and Peterborough, and act as tour guides for other young people when they visit the museums as part of the Silver Arts Award scheme, a qualification which involves tackling an ‘arts challenge’, reviewing arts events, researching artists and arts organisations, and ‘delivering an arts leadership project’ with other people.

The youngsters are also helping to plan events for an Activities Week in July, when North Cambridge Academy’s 350 students will visit nine Cambridge Museums on three consecutive days.

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The Cambridgeshire Film Consortium is a partnership between Anglia Ruskin University, Cambridge

Arts Picturehouse, Parkside Federation of Academies and Long Road Sixth Form College.

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