Kettle’s Yard & NCA’s Map of the school

This map was made by year 8 art students in collaboration with Kettle’s Yard gallery and illustrator Joe Lyward. Kettle’s Yard is a beautiful house and art gallery in Cambridge which will reopen in


February 2018. Kettle’s Yard and North Cambridge Academy have worked together in many ways over the past two years, including whole school art days, class projects, and working with the Arts Ambassadors to commission an artist in residence for the school.

Most recently, Kettle’s Yard staff and artists worked with a year 8 art class over a term on a map-making project, which led to the class achieving a Bronze Arts Award. The year 8s took inspiration from artworks and museums around Cambridge, exploring different ways of representing a place through a map. They then worked together with North Cambridge illustrator Joe Lyward to design symbols to represent their school, and test out how to bring them together into one design. The final product includes a riddle written by one student inviting you to discover what happens when you hold the map up to the sun.

The map includes a trail that takes you around the building to see the artwork made for North Cambridge Academy in 2016 by Kettle’s Yard artist-in-residence Johann Arens. Johann made these sculptures for the new building as part of the project ‘Motion Tracks’, which explored the playful ways that NCA students move around their school, and tracking these journeys through drawing, sculpture and on digital devices.


The final sculptures show the shape and feel of the students’ movements using curved copper wire set into plaster. They are part-glazed with ‘Gorilla Glass’, the special high-tech glass used on billions of touchscreen devices, like the phones which influence how we move around the places we live and study. The trail on the map takes its shape directly from the sculptures’ lines, and invites you to make your own creative journey around the school.

Take this map with you next time you visit school too see what the students have to say about the artworks, their school and possible journeys within it. We hope you enjoy it!