“Ready, Eager, Determined”
Senior Tutor: Miss Brierley
SSA: Mr Haines

We continue to grow as a house and have welcomed new colleagues and students into the Fitzwilliam House, which now represents four different curriculum areas: Performing Arts, Languages, Humanities and English. The House name was chosen by our pupils who also designed the house logo and chose the colour red for us to wear on our jumpers, cardigans and ties.

House Activity:
We have twelve different forms in the house and we enjoy competing against one another and against the other houses. In order to achieve this we are working hard and gaining VIVOs (the house with the most VIVOs at the end of the year will be going to ‘Bounce or Great Yarmouth’. VIVOs can be gained in a number of ways including: having 100% attendance each week; gaining a Principals award; showing excellent independence, resilience, achievement, challenge or engagement in lessons; or achieving a PLEDGE.

  • Head Boy: Nabeel Ahmed
  • Head Girl: Eszter Elo
  • Head of Fitzwilliam: Aniello Cappella
  • Head of Churchill: Chloe Langford
  • Prefect for Transition, Museums and the Arts: Charlotte Davis
  • Prefect for ABC and Student Voice: Erica Calaca
  • Arts Ambassadors – Edda Lorenzo C-Emi Year 10
  • Museum Ambassadors – Victoria Mateus F-GHa Year 8 and Louise Hardy C-JBr Year 8
  • Pledges Ambassadors – Liam Manning C-NMa Year 11
  • Transition Ambassadors – Maisie Caldwell F-GHa Year 8
  • Sports Leaders – Megan Flood A-JAr Year 11
  • Anti-Bullying Ambassadors – Courtney James A-JAr Year 11