“Learn, Live, Hope”
Senior Tutor: Mrs N Gabb
SSA: Mrs Czyszlyk

We continue to grow as a house and have welcomed new colleagues and students into Churchill House, which now represents three different curriculum areas: Science, Maths and Technology. The House name was chosen by our pupils who also designed the house logo and chose the colour green for us to wear on our jumpers, cardigans and ties.

House Activity:
We have eleven different forms in the house and we enjoy competing against one another and against the other houses. In order to achieve this we are working hard and gaining VIVOs (the house with the most VIVOs at the end of the year will be going to ‘Bounce or Great Yarmouth’. VIVOs can be gained in a number of ways including: having 100% attendance each week; gaining a Principals award; showing excellent independence, resilience, achievement, challenge or engagement in lessons; or achieving a PLEDGE.
Head Girl – Amelia Aubury                                                         Head Boy – Giorgio Carro

Deputy HG – Chloe Gilbert                                                          Deputy HB – Benas Mickevius


Churchill Head – Zainab Ahktar                                                Fitz Head – Hubert Fehrmann

Churchill Dep Head – Megan Cave                                        Fitz Dep Head – Kavishini Apasamy



Museum Ambassadors – Alan Wang

Arts Ambassadors – Justyna Burkiewicz

Transition Ambassadors – Chloe Webb

Pledges Ambassadors – Missy Pannett

Anti-Bullying Crew – Tanjim Begum

Learning Leaders – Rahoul Choudhury

Sports Leaders – Andrea Reyes


Our forms:

C-CDa – Miss Daymond

C-DAn – Mrs Anand

C-HDo – Miss Dowler

C-JTr – Mr Tregear

C-LLo – Mrs Long

C-LWe – Mrs Wheedon

C-NDh – Miss Dhari

C-NMa – Mr Matthews

C-SLe – Miss Letherby (co tutor: Mr Harris)

C-SSh – Miss Shaw

To learn more about the House System, visit this page