Sir David Frederick Attenborough is an award winning English broadcaster and naturalist. He is best known for writing and presenting the natural history documentary series that form the Life collection including Planet Earth and the Blue Planet.  His work provides a comprehensive survey of animal and plant life on Earth. He is the only person to have won BAFTAs for programmes in each of black and white, colour, HD, 3D and 4K. He has achieved a lot in a long career through hard work and dedication. It is these characteristics that make him such a strong role model for the house. He also has a passion for his subject and is a lifelong learner.

The Attenborough staff team at North Cambridge Academy is made up of the following:

House Leaders:

  • Joanna Tate- A Lead Teacher responsible for the house and a teacher of History
  • Katelyn Daniell- Assistant Head of House and English teacher
  • Holly Dowler- A lead practitioner in Technology who is has achieved excellent results


Form Tutors:

  • Grace Hawes – A-GHa – A Lead Teacher in Modern Foreign Languages with responsibility for this department
  • Gwen Fisher – A-GFi – A Modern Foreign Languages teacher who has organised trips to France for many of our students
  • Oliver Farr – AOFa – A teacher of History who has taken trips to the Battle Fields in Belgium
  • Sham Torindo – A-STo – A teacher of Mathematics who is determined that all pupils progress
  • Divya Anand – A-Dan – A teacher of Mathematics who has provided excellent opportunities for our Museum Ambassadors in partnership with the Fitzwilliam Museum


Together, the Attenborough staff team aim to inspire our young people to dream big, work hard and follow feedback to allow them to achieve their best.  Attenborough staff have consistently high standards for themselves and their students. We guide and support our students to make valuable contributions to their Form, the House and the Academy. Through positive working relationships, we aim to ‘make the weather’ for everyone in our community.

Attenborough became a new House in November 2017 and our students have generally made an excellent start to life in Attenborough.  We currently lead the House attendance competition and are a close second in terms of VIVOs. Equally, this year we are determined to show that we consider the welfare of other people and for this reason we have decided on a house charity and will be organising a range of events to raise money for this cause. We believe this is an important part of a child’s development so we want to ensure that our students not only go onto achieve their potential, but also develop into outstanding citizens who support others.

We have five different forms in the House and we enjoy competing against one another and against the other houses. This term we have been working together in our Challenge activities to choreograph, rehearse and perform the best form dance.  We look forward to the costumes, music, performances and prizes at the end of term. We are also looking forward to the end of term reward trips and celebration events which will be taking place in the coming weeks. We have many of our students going on the ice skating trip to recognise their exceptional start to the academic year in terms of winning VIVOs and having an excellent attitude to learning. We have no doubt this will continue throughout the year and our house will be one of which we can all be proud.