EAL (English as Additional Language)

EAL (English as Additional Language)

At North Cambridge Academy we celebrate the diversity of different languages, cultures and religions represented by our pupils, their families and community. We aim to provide some useful resources and tips to support EAL students in the classroom and give them extra opportunity to practice English at home.


Starting the summer term 2014, North Cambridge Academy aims to launch the Young Interpreters Scheme. Through use of their home language and/or other communication techniques, students are trained to act as interpreters and peer buddies for those with no or limited English. The scheme provides support to new EAL students and school staff but it also gives the interpreters themselves the opportunity to experience of communicating and empathising with others and working within a team.


All our EAL students get extra support from TA in their lessons to ensure they benefit the most from their lessons, even though their language abilities may be limited due to the lack of English. In addition, KS3 students regularly attend extra EAL lessons taking place twice a week to help them develop their grammar, understanding and written skills as this will have a positive impact on their overall school performance. All EAL students also have an extra opportunity to improve their English through attending session 6 EAL Clubs: EAL Booster Sessions and EAL Homework Club.


Do please look at the resources listed here so that students can have that extra help at home to support their school work. These are free websites covering all sorts of information and topics through interesting, fun games and activities.



Translation websites:


English games and stories for pupils:


FREE Android Application from Google Play Store:
English Banana Resource Application