Careers Education, Information, Advice and Guidance (CEIAG)

The five values that underpin the work of the NCA are:
Pursuing Excellence, Valuing People, Achievement for All, High Quality Learning and Extending the Boundaries of Learning.  In terms of CEIAG provision our aims are therefore to help all students to:

  • Understand the full range of employment and further study options open to them and where these lead
  • Realise their full potential in terms of academic, personal and career development
  • Have the opportunity for a range of experiences, provided both through the NCA and with the aid of employers and other external organisations, that will aid their personal development, skills development and understanding of the world of work which they will be entering
  • Be motivated to develop the academic and career-related skills and the high aspirations needed for success
  • Present confidently what they have to offer in applications and at interview
  • The policy for CEIAG underpins all NCA policies relating to equal opportunities, special educational needs and the work related curriculum. All CEIAG activities are subject to the normal safeguarding rules that apply across the NCA.

NCA is committed to providing a high quality careers and work related education programme for all students in all years, taking account of the specific needs of individual students and arranging specialist support where needed.