Accelerated Reader



Accelerated Reading is a programme designed to encourage, support and monitor the reading development of every child in year 7 and 8. The system gives each pupil a personalised reading catalogue that enables them to choose titles that are neither too difficult nor too easy.  On completion of each text, pupils take a quiz measuring their understanding, ideally aiming for a 100% pass rate.  Each half term pupils will retake the star test to monitor their progress and results will be sent home to you. 

To run the accelerated reading programme successfully we have teamed up with Cambridge County Council Library service. Unfortunately, due to the new building arrangements on the school site we will no longer have a Library. The library service, have offered us the use of Arbury Court Library during the school day at times when the library is closed to the general public.

To encourage readers there will be opportunities to earn individual VIVOs and points for their houses for a variety of targets met. This will ensure that all pupils have an equal chance regardless of their reading levels or the pace at which they read.

We are incredibly excited by this new approach and hope it helps us develop a strong reading culture in the school.   

 To access Accelerated Reader please click here