Academy Life

Celebrating Achievement

North Cambridge Academy regularly celebrates the success and achievements of its students in a variety of different ways.

Whole Academy Assembly- each week, on a Monday, there is a whole school assembly which is often a chance to recognise individual and group achievements and recently pupils have been awarded Principal awards for contribution to helping in recent primary sports festivals, raising money for the sponsored walk and attendance at session 6 activities.

Termly Celebration Award Assemblies– where pupils in each subject receive badges as recognition of effort, achievement and significant progress.

House Celebration Assemblies:are run by each House at the end of every term where a broad range of student achievement is recognised and various awards are presented.

Presentation Evenings: NCA holds formal Presentation Evenings on an annual basis to acknowledge and celebrate the achievements of its students: the GCSE Presentation Evening where the Guest Speaker for 2013 was Julie Spence ex chief inspector for policing in Cambridgeshire.

Vivo Miles:  Vivo Miles is an award-winning rewards platform for schools which allows teachers to award students electronic points called “Vivos”, redeemable on a wide selection of rewards from a customisable catalogue.

Unique to the scheme is the Vivo rewards card, which every student gets and loves. The card and the scheme’s currency – the Vivo – go beyond conventional stickers and stars to offer a real-life vehicle for financial learning because students save and spend Vivos on their choice of rewards (and develop their financial capability in the process).

Vivo Awards is a system that has proven its ability to increase student motivation, improve behaviour, attendance and achievement as well as encourage parent engagement.