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Careers Education, Information and Guidance (CEIAG)

Aims and Principles


The five values that underpin the work of the NCA are: Pursuing Excellence, Valuing People, Achievement for All, High Quality Learning and Extending the Boundaries of Learning.  In terms of CEIAG provision our aims are therefore to help all students to:

• Realise their full potential in terms of academic, personal and career development
• Understand the full range of employment and further study options open to them and where these lead
• Have the opportunity for a range of experiences, provided both through the NCA and with the aid of employers and other external organisations, that will aid their personal development, skills development and understanding of the world of work which they will be entering
• Be motivated to develop the academic and career-related skills and the high aspirations needed for success
• Present confidently what they have to offer in applications and at interview

The policy for CEIAG underpins all NCA policies relating to equal opportunities, special educational needs and the work related curriculum. All CEIAG activities are subject to the normal safeguarding rules that apply across the NCA.

NCA is committed to providing a high quality careers and work related education programme for all students in all years, taking account of the specific needs of individual students and arranging specialist support where needed.


This year has seen a plethora of activities aimed at helping our pupils to understand the future opportunities that are available to them, here’s a snapshot of the most inspiring:

We kick started the year with a Careers event aimed at encouraging our primary school counterparts as well as secondary pupils from across the CMAT trust to be open minded about the career choices that were possible. Physicist, design engineer, or an MP – you can be whatever you want with a bit of hard work was the message, as they met with leading figures from around the region at the launch of Inspiring the Future Cambridgeshire. The purpose of the event, was to broaden children’s aspirations and challenge work stereotypes. To prove these jobs were really possible, volunteers who already enjoyed high-flying careers were on hand to talk about their achievements and answer questions. The highest ranking female officer in Britain’s armed forces, Air Vice Marshal Elaine West; the MP for Cambridge, Daniel Zeichner; and Cambridge University Professor of Experimental Physics Dame Athene Donald all spoke to groups of pupils as part of the event. Primary pupils quizzed the volunteers about their jobs in a session styled on the TV show ‘What’s My Line?’ where contestants have to decode what kind of work someone does. The volunteers then revealed their roles by changing into their professional dress. The children said the event had made them think about what they would like to do when they grow up, and the kind of jobs available to them. November saw a small group of our year 10 pupils embark on A day in the life of a University Student. During the course of the two days they spent time at The University of East Anglia in Norwich, where they stayed the night in student accommodation. They also spent time on campus with staff and students from the university. During the trip, activities included some fun at Thetford forest to encourage team building and communication skills, information and guidance on the potential benefits of Higher Education and a chance to
visit university departments. In January mentoring started with Form the Future and their wonderful volunteers from a broad spectrum of local businesses. The purpose of the mentoring scheme is to increase confidence, aspiration and motivation of the pupils that take part. Through the scheme we hope to promote self-awareness, personal development and a wider understanding of life after school. It was a busy month in January, year 8 pupils took part in Eyes on the Prize at Anglia Ruskin University. The ‘prize’ being gaining the necessary GCSE’s to unlock the key to the myriad of choices that are on offer after studying at NCA, including apprenticeships, traditional college courses and university programmes. This coincided with them starting to think about their GCSE option choices. Colleges such as Cambridge Regional College, Hills Road and Long Road were in attendance and able to talk pupils through the choices they had at college. The day also included an insight into some of the departments, including science, the arts department, the study areas and the library. Year 9 pupils were invited to Cambridge University Press (CUP) in March for a chance to find out about the many opportunities publishing has to offer. They were treated to a
career carousel that included Apprenticeships, Communications, Design, Technology and many more! In June, the majority of the board of executives from CUP reciprocated with a visit to NCA to run an Enterprise day for year 8. The purpose of this day was to encourage imaginative thinking about jobs, to teach students about the skills needed to be successful in business, either as an entrepreneur or working for someone else and to harness year 8’s youthful imagination to come up with business ideas. We wanted them to consider what’s involved in running a business, being an entrepreneur, particularly regarding the skills and behaviours that lead to success. It was a great opportunity for them to learn more about business, namely the 5 Ps of Product, Price, People, Place and Promotion, and to have a go at creating a business idea.




Here are some links for useful careers websites:

The National Careers Service website contains over 750 job profiles, and each of them gives you the essential information you need on what the job involves and how to get into it. The site also has a job market information section about the job situation in your local area and you can also talk to an adviser.


The Future Morph website is designed to show 14 – 18 year olds career routes that studying science, technology, engineering and maths can lead to.


Careersbox is a free online library of careers related film, news and information.


The Bright Knowledge site and the Student Calculator are designed to help pupils and young people manage their money and explore education and career options.

U-Explore: CEIAG advice for pupils