About NCA

Our Values and Ethos

The new “North Cambridge  Academy” will enshrine five core values: pursuing excellence; valuing people; achievement for all; outstanding experiences and extending boundaries.  The Academy will be in the community, of the community and for the community. It will be an academy for all young people, irrespective of gender, ethnicity, faith, creed, ability or disability.

Our distinctive House system, with small, mixed-age tutor groups, will underpin the Academy’s organisation and will guarantee that every student is known, supported and can achieve beyond their expectations. It will also be the core mechanism for raising achievement and creating responsible, active citizens who enjoy successful and rewarding personal and social lives.

“North Cambridge Academy” will be a collaborative academy. Not only will adults and students collaborate in their learning and within their Houses but they will benefit from the Academy’s partnerships with parents and carers, sister CMAT Academies and other educational establishments, and with other resourceful organisations.


1. We are committed to the pursuit of excellence

The Academy will reflect and encourage a commitment to continuous improvement and enterprise that will create positive and optimistic ‘can do’ attitudes among students and staff as well as collectively across the school. The Academy will systematically benchmark its practices against the very best in other state and independent schools to energise organisation, fuel ambition and stimulate improvement.


2. We value people

We will be uncompromising in our commitment to know and value every student and support them to achieve. This commitment underpins all aspects of our House System which will cover the academic and personal development of each student. In turn, the House structure will provide strong team identity and accountability for teaching and support staff as well as a single point of contact within the Academy for parents.


3. We are committed to achievement for all

We are committed to the individual achievement of every student and recognise the flexibility and rigor – in terms of the curriculum, support, resources and monitoring – required to make this happen. Students’ transition and progression will be carefully planned and monitored to ensure that they achieve to their full potential from primary school through to age 16. All of this will be underpinned by a simple but highly effective ‘How can I improve?’ philosophy that provides the focus of teachers, students and parents.


4. We will provide a high quality learning environment

We recognise the importance of creating the right environment for students to learn.

The classroom environment will provide students with stimulating and varied learning opportunities that engage and motivate them. Outside the classroom, students will feel safe, happy and secure. The Academy will establish routines and high expectations that ensure that the school day is a positive and purposeful experience where lessons are punctuated by civilised and relaxing dining arrangements. The physical environment will support the Academy’s commitment to excellence, providing facilities that reflect the students’ needs and promote their respect.


5. We extend the boundaries of learning

The Academy will reflect the ‘Village College’ philosophy that emphasises and explores the role of schools as a source of pride and hub for their community. For students this outward focus will provide new and exciting opportunities to extend their own experience, skills and confidence, reflected in unique local, national and international partnerships as well as our ‘Pledges’. For staff and the Academy as a whole, we will explore ways to share our knowledge, expertise and facilities with other academies, schools and groups within our community.


Our Pledges System

Modelled on aspects of the Duke of Edinburgh Award and a key element of the International Baccalaureate, all students will undertake a programme of: Participation, Leadership, Environment, Diversity, Excellence and Service – the Pledges.  The Pledges system is a fundamental part of North Cambridge Academy.


Please find our Promoting Equality and Diversity policy here: Click here

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